What do we bring to the table?

So, what could Tom and Shyla do for the residents of Prince George and surrounding areas?
On a personal level, do you have a garden worthy of a gate or a trellis or a weathervane that has been designed just for you? How about a set of wooden deck chairs, carved with your family motto? They can laser a special photo onto a wood plaque or maybe a kitchen cabinet door. They do small items too, like special Christmas ornaments and memory boxes. Tom was especially touched by a request to carve a man’s wallet onto a wood plaque in time for his internment.

Northern Hart Designs also supports worthy causes with donations in kind for charity auctions.

Customized Design

Would you like a special set of glasses or mugs engraved with a logo just for you? Perhaps a sassy saying unique to your family. Northern Hart Designs can do it.

Creativity and the ability to express it are at the heart of this business. Right now, about 90% of their customers find them through Facebook. Tom and Shyla are planning the very big step of acquiring a storefront location to allow customers to touch and feel the real things they make, instead of just relying on pictures. They want this to be a spot to showcase their work and maybe feature some of the work that other local artist would like to sell.

Shyla has many skateboards that she would like to personalize and sell, along with other items, such as birdhouse and box kits, and ornaments for  personalizing. As manufacturers, they can probably create the item you want at a more affordable price than you might anticipate.

What about those Pinterest and Instagram inspiration pages? Talk to Tom and Shyla and you may be surprised. By going directly to someone who can manufacture what you want, you may be pleasantly surprised by affordability. Send them a picture and a description of what you want.

Northern Hart Designs wants the chance to make you that something special you’ve been dreaming of for your???