Geometric Cat

$63.99 CAD

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Dimension's: 19 inx 14 in x 0.25 in

Material Type: Baltic birch

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Geometric cat wall décor is a decorative item that you can hang on a wall in your home or office. It typically features a stylized, abstract representation of a cat, with geometric shapes and lines used to create the form and details of the animal. This type of wall décor is often made from a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic, and can come in a range of sizes and colors. Some examples of geometric cat wall décor may include metal wall art with cut-out shapes that create a 3D effect, wooden wall plaques with carved or painted designs, or plastic wall stickers that can be easily removed and repositioned. Whether you're a cat lover looking to add some feline flair to your space or simply appreciate modern, abstract art, geometric cat wall décor is a fun and stylish way to personalize your home or office.

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